How to pick shoes for a dress?

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Ladies nowadays are embracing the fashion world predominantly. Every girl wanted to look the best way possible. Every one of them wants to dress like the stepped out from the pages of the popular fashion magazines. Nobody would like to be left and tagged as old fashioned one.

Are you worried about the thing to wear for prom, for your birthday, for your date, or something? You wanted to be the apple of everybody’s eye. You wanted to be known for someone who has a great taste for fashion. Then how can you do that? Well, one is to make sure that the shoes and the dress go together. There must be an intensified combination to stand out from the rest. How is that?

You must consider these tips in picking up a shoe for your chosen dress.

Consider the color

Pick a shoe that goes with the color of your dress. If you have a black or white dress, then you can choose whatever color you want for these colors can be matched with any. On the other hand, if you have multi- colored dresses, then pick for a shoe with one shade only.

Consider the height

Go for the height of the shoe that fits with the occasion. If you are short, and you have a tall date, then you must wear a high-heeled shoe. If you are tall, and your date is not that tall, then you have to pick for a flat one. It isn’t good to see a couple with large gaps on heights.

Consider the style

Be sure to match the style of your whole with the style of your cloth. Just make sure that you are not over- dressed because this can ruin your outfit. Pick the best accessories that comply with the style of your dress and shoe.

Consider comfort

They say the best way to choose your fashion is going to something you are comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable with the shoes, then you cannot carry on your style.

If you take this tips into consideration when you are buying your shoes to mix in with your dress, I guarantee a hundred percent well- fashioned wear. Just don’t forget to walk with confidence and grace. Wear your best shoe, dress up well, and stand up from the crowd!

How to pick shoes for a dress?

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